Maintenance Programs

CRSHS ensures that a site is managed for the best cost effective result.


When we maintain a site we treat it as if it were our own  and  constantly monitor tasks and issues to keep it looking good.


We constantly liaise with the client and ensure general and specific tasks are dealt with promptly.  We endeavour to deal with any issues immediately or advise when there are extra services that need attention.


We recognise the need to adjust our maintenance programs on each  individual site paying particular attention to the effect of weather patterns, seasonal plant requirements, seasonal growth patterns and the condition of the site. 


We constantly adjust our service schedules when the weather is unsuitable for various tasks to ensure that we perform the right task at the right time with the right equipment to deliver the best outcome for the client.  This may, for example mean delaying a spray program or using a push mower rather than a Ride on on a site.  It may mean coming earlier before a forecast weather change.


Where we are unsure of the site condition or requirements, we undertake site assessments or phone forward  to the client before we start.

This client focused approach ensures great value for money and needs based services delivery.   Not just turn up whether it needs it or not as some contractors do.


We are trustworthy and only charge for services performed and ensure accurate billing.